About This Website

On this website you’ll find all kinds of advice on digital image processing and how to use Photoshop to achieve the results you want. Whatever type of camera you have, whether it’s a small compact or a high-spec professional DSLR, taking the photo is only the first part of the job. When you get back home onto your computer, the way you edit a photo will make or break its success. Understanding the basics of “post processing” will help you get the best from every photo you take.

The Basics

When you look online for ways to enhance your photos, a lot of the stuff you’ll see might be described as gimmicky. Yes, it’s fun to apply filters to your photos or create a virtual frame for them, but to get good at what you’re doing you need to understand the basic elements of image editing. This site will help you with that.

Although Photoshop is a monumentally complex piece of software, you only need focus on a few of its tools to begin with. If you know how to adjust the tonal range of an image or boost saturation without losing detail, you’ll have a good foundation for learning more. Take some time to study sharpening and the effects certain settings have on an image. Learn how to get rid of colour casts in photos using key Photoshop tools.

If you’re starting from scratch in Photoshop, practice using levels and curves to adjust the tonal range and correct colour. Resist hitting the auto adjustments in Photoshop (e.g. auto tone, auto contrast, auto color) because, just like the auto settings on a camera, you don’t learn much from using them.

Get What You Need Here

Various pages of this site introduce you to more advanced Photoshop ideas and techniques. Most are not as difficult as they may appear. It’s important not to panic. Even if you don’t fully understand the concept, open an image in Photoshop and see what you can do. You may be surprised at how quickly your knowledge accrues.